That's me hidding near the coffee machine.

12th of January, 2018


I have been asked many times how did I come with this name? Is what I call having our own food stamp. Our own way of food. A combination of selected vegetables and spices. 


It was more than just faith when Mihaela and I met and without discussing to much about it, we agreed that we are cooking "fresh dailies" and cakes. Full stop. Our way or no way. (This will be a trademark soon).


Then we decided to have a vegan buffet. On Sundays. All you can eat for £6. Shortly queues started building up so we decided to bring more chairs...and obviously do more cakes. We are in the process... for each of it. 


Mihaela loves baking so we decided to have our own bread. And we did it. Then we thought why not have some limited edition vegan sandwiches because we also have some home made red pesto. So we did...we are currently doing it. 


Two days ago we realised that we don't use any artificial and chemical substitutes (I once bought some alternative whipping cream by mistake and I still thank you to our supplier for his kindness of taking it back after 3 days of explaining that we can't use it because we are 100% natural) and fresh, because I buy the vegetables at 3 o'clock in the morning just to have the best ones. 


We are located on Mill Lane at number 32 in West Hampstead (NW6 1NR) and if sometimes we sound a littler bit confusing please be kind we are only doing things ...mon way. 


Just to touch the base ...most of them are gluten free... and if they're not, is just a matter of time. 


And we do listen some jazz while we're doing all these.